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Clever Resource Management

WebOffice allows you to plan, track and manage time-based projects.
No more juggling multiple spreadsheets & systems.

WebOffice is an all-in-one resource planning and  project management solution

All-In-One Resource Planning & Project Management Platform

Manage your team across projects, schedule resources, track time, manage expenses & invoice customers. WebOffice helps teams of any size to streamline time-based projects from start to invoice.

Project based business MAMAGEMENT

An Innovative Approach to Managing Time-Based Projects

Modules include project management & collaboration, resource scheduling, time tracking, phase and task, status tracking, time-off management, expense management, quoting & invoicing – you name it, we have it:


WebOffice is a robust and scalable resource planning and project management platform with powerful reporting features.
The platform is completely customisable and configurable to fit the requirement of any business.

Managing your company is easy and extremely user-friendly

By using the Management, Tasks, Timesheet, Resourcing, Leave, Reports, Documents, and Invoicing tools, you can have project planning and tracking and subsequently manage all aspects of your company.

Keep a detailed track of your company assets, employees, documents, clients and projects, down to the level of particular tasks. Have everything under one roof, there’s no need to keep track of the same things in multiple apps.

Resource Management

Resource scheduling and task-components allows you to allocate resources on multiple projects and phases.

WebOffice keeps a very detailed record of the hours that your team has spent on different projects. You can assign your employees to specific projects, or phases of projects or even on specific tasks.

These tasks can then be passed from one person to the other, following the normal workflow that your company uses to resolve the challenges that a project presents.

Recruitment Management

WebOffice is customisable to track your recruitment process against project deliverables.

Utilising and incorporating Applicant Tracing, CV Screening, Assessments, Interviews, Reference Checks, Offer Stage Management and the Onboarding process in one customisable platform makes it possible for your business to accomplish more, in less time.


All-in-one software to run your client-focused business. Collaborate on projects with your team and customers, track your time, and bill your customers.


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