We Design your all in one Tech Solution

The Blackboard Business Solutions team are experts at solving problems. Using our state of the art software as an enabler to our clients, we focus on solving problems for every business context.

By combining our Software with our deep business knowledge and insights, we are able to partner with our clients to optimise their business and accelerate their Digital Transformation.


FLOW allows clients to digitise their workflow and build process-driven applications. The cloud-based platform is completely customisable and clients can choose from ready-built templates or build their own workflow templates on the go. Progress tracking and lead time management, Customise processes according to business-specific needs.
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WebOffice allows you to plan, track and manage time-based projects. No more juggling multiple spreadsheets & systems.Manage your team across projects, schedule resources, track time, manage expenses & invoice customers. WebOffice helps teams of any size to streamline time-based projects from start to invoice. The platform is completely customisable and configurable to fit the requirement of any business.
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Blackboard Analysis engine is a scalable prebuilt, Business Intelligence framework for enabling organisations to mine value out of their investment in Ellipse. Blackboard Analysis consists of all the components your organisation needs to build Business Intelligence competency, manage performance, alarm exceptions, empowering users and increase return on investment.
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Blackboard's IT Service Management tool will modernise your IT and other business support functions with a refreshingly easy-to-use, simple-to-configure IT service desk solution in the cloud. Discover how Blackboard's Ticket support system has helped hundreds of enterprises transform their IT service management (ITSM) practices. Self-Service – Give employees an online storefront experience when interacting with IT.
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