Services and Products

Blackboard Business Solution create customized software solutions, uniquely build for our customers. We focus first of all on web development, furthermore mobile applications and finally native systems. Blackboard BS develops products as listed below.  We fulfill very specific needs of our client.

Blackboard Business Solutions develop customized business software applications and Business Intelligence solutions through software development.

Organisations often force companies, to use fixed products with a degree of customization. Our approach as a result is different. Once we understand the business, its relevant inner workings and intrinsic difficulties we develop custom solutions. Consequently driving the strategic intent and optimization for value adding delivery.

Most noteworthy, our unique design approach allows us to deliver solutions. As a result, driving the organization to new levels of effectiveness, efficiency, lean operations and especially relevant, still staying true to its core values.

We distinguish ourselves in delivering innovative solutions as a result, to optimized user experience.

It is often beneficial to our delivery to partner with other companies that provides specialized services and to bring these common services together in a consolidated and focused solution.


Blackboard BS have developed customized products that include the following:
  • ERP systems
  • Resource scheduling
  • Production efficiency enablement
  • Customer experience optimization and automation
  • Stock control
  • Client on-boarding
  • Business Intelligence