Practice Management

  • Configurable CRM. Customize your CRM with all data required on your clients and have a holistic view of your complete client profile:
  • My work day. Manage daily tasks associated with actions to be taken for clients, assigned to team members.
  • Storage and manage all client documents securely in the customer vault. These documents can be made available to clients in the client portal. Populate word templates for client engagement forms digitally from the system using the forms functionality.
  • In the client portal you can indicate what information you need from the client and they can capture their information on the portal for use in onboarding or profile management. Documents can also be viewed and uploaded in the portal.
  • For any sales associated tasks we have developed what we call the “Pipeline” to track and monitor your client engagement up until onboarding.
  • The system also has office 365 integration for your email and calendar
  • Reports can be customized without any custom development
  • Processes can be configured in the Process editor to digitise any of your business processes e.g. client onboarding

Career Network

Blackboard Career Network provides a platform for Recruiters to run an agency without having to subscribe to multiple applications. Blackboard Career Network manages placements, customer requirements, fees, and the complete interview cycle for the recruiter. 

Blackboard LMS (Learner Management System)

The Blackboard LMS facilitates online and in person training and exam preparation. The LMS is part of our SDL solution for SDFs and businesses to facilitate claims against SETAs for Skills development. We have more than 100 courses available online. 

Web Office

All-In-One Resource Planning & Project Management Platform. Manage your team across projects, schedule resources, track time, manage expenses & invoice customers. WebOffice helps teams of any size to streamline time-based projects from start to invoice.

An Innovative Approach to Managing Time-Based Projects Modules include project management & collaboration, resource scheduling, time tracking, phase and task, status tracking, time-off management, expense management, quoting & invoicing – you name it, we have it:

  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Project Resource Scheduling
  • Timesheets & Time Tracking
  • Project Expense Management
  • Project & Client Management
  • Document Management
  • Task Management
  • Leave management
  • Resource Recruitment
  • Permission Access Levels
  • Project Forecast Analysis
  • Cashflow Management
  • Quotation & Invoicing


Modernize your business support functions

Blackboard’s IT Service Management tool will modernize your IT and other business support functions with a refreshingly easy-to-use, simple-to-configure IT service desk solution in the cloud.

End to end IT Service Management

Discover how Blackboard’s Ticket support system has helped hundreds of enterprises transform their IT service management (ITSM) practices.

Self-Service – Give employees an online storefront experience when interacting with IT. Benefit from a structured support process to drive higher levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Automation – Replace manual and time-consuming tasks with automation. Create a repeatable and consistent automation workflow.

Key features

  • Dedicated client portal to log incidents and requests (able to link directly into your application)
  • List all open requests/tickets assigned to the particular team members
  • Re-assign a ticket to another team member or another team
  • Comment on the request/ticket and communicate this response to the client (automatically)
  • Action the request with pre-defined actions bespoke to your organisation
  • View dashboards and reports for in/out off SLA reporting

Does your Strategy and the Technology Solution Address Both IT and Business Risk?

2020 has definitively proven the necessity of technology to support your business operations. As organizations expand digital services, lean heavily on automation and transition to increasingly remote workforces, IT and business risks become one and the same. Business growth is interwoven with technology strategies.

The risk program and strategy must clearly acknowledge this fact, and so must the technology solution underpinning risk management processes.

The breadth of the technical infrastructure for risk management will be critical in enabling a long-term strategy to build visibility across the organization. Addressing individual risks such as security, compliance, resiliency and third-party governance in individual silos will not

How Extensive Are the Solution Areas in Terms of Best Practices, and What Are the Sources of Their Product Design and Industry Experience?

Risk management practices have evolved greatly over the last decade. Industry standards have emerged in many different disciplines and the lessons learned are significant.

For those organizations that are beginning a new focus on risk management, this is a significant area where best practices will fast-track implementations.

The technology solution should accelerate your strategy by providing built-in elements such as data taxonomies, workflows and reports.

The key when researching solutions is to inquire on the history of these practices— where they came from and how lessons learned from previous customers are incorporated into the solutions.

Given the complexities of managing risk today, it is incredibly valuable to understand the opportunities for your team to gain knowledge from peers and the solution provider.