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Finding a job must not be a full-time job!

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We understand that changing jobs are never easy, but with our extensive industry knowledge & countless employer contacts, we can help you to find the right job opportunity. Blackboard Recruitment provides a permanent & contract recruitment service matching the best talent with available job vacancies.

Why use a recruitment agency?

At Blackboard Recruitment we do not just tick boxes, we make it our business to understand the needs of both candidate and employer to find the perfect match.

Our recruiter’s commitment is to support you every step of the way, providing clear and honest feedback to help you maximise your chances of landing your next big job!

All the available vacancies we have are posted on our website. If for some reason you do not find what you are looking for, please submit you’re CV and register for our job alerts.

Blackboard Recruitment is an independent recruitment agency, with more than 10 years’ experience of providing a high-quality talent sourcing and recruitment service to candidates and employers nationwide.

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What are the benefits of a recruitment agency?

The benefits of using a recruitment agency are huge for job seekers.
From support & feedback to job negotiations, here are just a few benefits that stand out for us!

Exclusive Jobs

Recruitment agencies have direct access to a wider variety of opportunities and are usually the first to know of any new job offerings. Many of the jobs advertised by recruitment agencies aren’t available elsewhere because organisations prefer not to advertise themselves.

Maintain Confidentiality

Job hunting is never easy and you must be able to control who can see that you are in the market. Using a recruitment agency will reduce the number of times referees are contacted. Consultants will only release your contact information and referee detail with your permission.

Advice & Support

Consultants will give you more insight into a company before sending you on an interview. They will prepare you with interview techniques, what the culture is like of the company and the environment you would be working in.

Building Relationships

Recruitment is all about relationships! A good recruiter’s success depends on the strength of the relationship with both candidate and client.

Save You Time

Applying through a recruitment agency will save you time and hassle. You only need to apply once to have access to all the opportunities. The recruitment consultant will match your CV to all available vacancies within your job field.

CV Update & Career History Preparation

Your CV is what gets you noticed and your foot in the front door. Recruitment consultants can help you to update your CV, include all relevant career history and make you stand out for the right reasons.


The direct relationship the recruitment consultant has with the employer enabling them to negotiate on your behalf for a better deal and get you what you are worth.


Our recruitment services are free of charge for job seekers/candidates. We will help all qualified candidates to the best of our ability to find their next job for free!

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