Efficient Management & Digitisation of your Business Processes

Optimise, digitise and transform your business processes with Blackboard Flow process digitisation software.

Flow management and digitization of your business process

Use Flow to harness the power of your business processes

Flow is a no-code, workflow, case management, and process digitisation tool that was built with a “process first” approach to help clients implement the most efficient business process management solution for their business.
Flow caters for CRM capabilities as part of the process being enabled as well business metric tracking against KPIs.

Optimise your operational effectiveness

Flow allows clients to digitise their workflow and build process-driven applications. The cloud-based platform is completely customisable and clients can choose from ready-built templates or build their own workflow templates on the go. The digital workspace includes:

Trusted by Private and Public Institutes

How can I use Flow in my business?

Flow can be used to automate any custom process in your business.

Progress Reporting

Create Digital Forms

Monitor SLA's of Tasks

Customise Activity Reports

Manage Documents Centrally

Business Process Enablement

Assign Tasks to Other Users

Export all Tasks to CSV or Pdf

Create Your Own Digital Process

On-boarding of Clients or Resources

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