Design Approach

  • When developing customized software solutions, it is imperative to understand the client`s business and ascertain the area of concern.
  • It is essential to define the problem statement well and understand exactly what needs to be addressed and solution for.
  • We utilize the Business Model Canvas as a standard template to define the operating model of the client on a high level. In this model, we identify the following:
    • Customers of our client
    • Customer relationships and delivery channels
    • The value proposition offered
    • Key revenue streams and key costs
    • Key resources and key activities
    • Key partners to the organization

Our approach entails the following:

  1. Understand the strategic intent and vision of the company
  2. Gather needs and insights that should be considered as part of the design
  3. Create the Customer Value Proposition
  4. Understand the customer and delivery journey
  5. Develop architecture and process designs
  6. Delivery the solution through our Agile development approach
  7. Perform continuous change management and business readiness assessments for effective implementation
  8. Track Business Benefits and ultimately provide input back into Strategy as the value proposition unfolds.