VUCA, exponentially VUCA has become a common acronym used to describe the nature of the present world, referring to its Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity as typical features. This world is very difficult to navigate, predictions are hard to make. Technological progress, scientific gains, and increasing socio-political and population complexities, all interact to produce a

    How important is (tech) integration? A basic understanding of integration and what it really means is the start of the answer Today’s market conditions demand a multitude of aspects from employees for a business to stay relevant and competitive in a highly volatile and changing world, and so, the adage ‘adapt or die’ has

When are consultants needed, and how do you establish this… 5 Key Considerations We have all heard of DIY jobs gone wrong for some poor individuals, who ended up paying much more than they would have if they had used an expert from the beginning. In some cases, even an expert is not able to

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    Most owners and key decision makers in a business realise that it is vital to continue to find new ways to stay competitive. Much has been said about using your organisation’s most potent assets to help achieve with this. In our previous blogs, we touched briefly on the value of people in the

Are they worth the servers they are stored on? In our previous blog, we briefly considered the general concept of disruption and what it could mean to your business. Continuing from this, one of the closely related considerations would be an understanding of what a Digital (Transformation) Strategy is (DTS), and why this is a

Over the course of a number of blogs covering various topics, one theme has consistently come out central: change. In fact, it hardly seems possible to stay away from a discussion on it! Whether directly focussing on it, or inadvertently recognising it as a role player in other topics around business and technology, the simple

For many business owners and captains of industry the mere mention of regulations and compliance can induce cold sweats, rolling eyes and a brief consideration of early retirement. Compliance to regulatory frameworks are often complex, expensive, and labour-intensive.  Coupling this with the flux of general change in the world around us, and a business can

Digital Transformation

PLANS ARE WORTHLESS, BUT PLANNING IS EVERYTHING Moving Boundaries Our boundaries as portrayed in Systems Theory is severely impacted by current conditions caused by the worldwide pandemic: boundaries are moving, some disappearing, others becoming more prominent. Many of the challenges we face are fundamentally due to the impact of these changing boundaries on ourselves, our

Digital Transformation

In our previous blog, we considered the general topic of change for businesses, with specific reference to the current Covid-19 conditions of trade and the implications this has for your business. We gave some key recommendations around how businesses might traverse a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment. We also established the value of

The verdict is out! We can now be sure: change is an inevitable part of our lives. The reality is that few will argue with this fact. It is old news. However, the current Black Swan scenario which has unfolded globally has made it clear that the nature of the change demanded from us –

Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has approved new requirements for South African ISPs and website owners as part of the government’s plan to fight the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. In a government gazette [PDF Link] dated 26 March 2020, the Department of Communications detailed interventions around the “dissemination of information” in the country. The purpose of the

project management

Project Management is a very competitive domain and in high demand of all industries as companies strive to save more money and optimise efficiency.  Moving forward in 2020 the project management team that can digest information the fastest and make complex problems easier to understand will come out on top. Effective communication between team members