Are your consultants or employees missing or delaying actions from
clients because they are receiving too many emails?

Welcome to Blackboard Outlook for flow.

With Blackboard Outlook for Flow, it is possible to
keep track of all the tasks that originates from your emails.

  • Firstly, let’s look at our work management board to see if there are any items in the TO DO or doing list. As we can see there isn’t any.
  • Now let’s go to Outlook.
  • Let’s assume I have received and email from a client or my manager and I want to make sure I add this to my workboard in order to action it.
  • I simply click on the icon for the native Outlook application, and it opens up a pane where I can either start a workflow, or in this case add a ticket to my workboard.
  • We select create a card, then select the board, and then enter a comment that will be included in the workboard card or ticket. Now we just click on “Create Board Item”.
  • If we look at the workboard now, (and we refresh our screen), we will see that this item has been created. This item is created automatically in the first section of our workboard. In this case it is the To Do section.
  • I can now revert back to it to move it from To do, Doing and done or any other section I have created on my work management board.
  • Lastly, It is possible to custom create boards and create different stages for your tickets that might not only contain the 3 stages we have in this demonstration.

We hope you liked this demonstration.