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Digitisation journey building blocks

Blackboard Software Solutions

Blackboard developed many customised and production solutions including Time management, Workflow, ERP, Support and CRM solutions. Blackboard provides an end-to-end solution from requirements gathering, business analysis, project management, development, deployment, support and change management.


Flow is a no-code, case management, workflow, and process digitisation tool.

Web Office

WebOffice is an all-in-one resource planning & time based project management platform.

IT Service Management

ITSM is an easy-to-use, simple-to-configure IT service desk solution. Resolving issues faster.


Analysis is a scalable, prebuilt tool for getting information out of Ellipse EAM.

Why use our WebOffice solution?

WebOffice allows you to plan, track and manage time-based projects. No more juggling multiple spreadsheets & systems.


Build and customise your business today.

Resource Management

Resource scheduling and task-components allow you to allocate recourses on multiple projects and phases.

Managing Time-Based Projects

Collaboration, resource scheduling & time tracking.

Cash Flow Management

Income and expense cash flow management.


Use Flow to harness the power of your business processes

Flow allows clients to digitise their workflow and build process-driven applications. The cloud-based platform is completely customisable and clients can choose from ready-built templates or build their own workflow templates on the go.

Resolve IT issues faster with ITSM

Blackboard's IT Service Management tool will modernise your IT and other business support functions with a refreshingly easy-to-use, simple-to-configure IT service desk solution in the cloud.

Automation – Replace manual and time-consuming tasks with automation. Create a repeatable and consistent automation workflow.


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